Hedley to be met by protestors in St. Catharines tomorrow

Hedley will be performing Wednesday in St. Catharines and concert goers are expected to be met with a group of protestors.

A facebook group created by Safegigs Niagara is reminding those that wish to participate that it is a peaceful protest with the goal of showing solidarity for survivors and showing that support for perpretrators of sexual assault is unacceptable. 

A local business on St. Paul street,  Hometown Icecream,  also posting their support on social media offering free coffee to those voicing their concerns Wednesday. 

St. Catharines concert hall The Warehouse on Geneva Street is giving Hedley fans who are torn over Wednesday's concert at Meridian Centre another option.

Speaking to CKTB's Larry Fedoruk Warehouse manager Erik Dickson says any upset Hedley fan can exchange their ticket or even show proof of a refunded ticket and get into the show they're offering for free. 

Hedley has been dropped by their management team and has been blocked from several radio stations across Canada following numerous allegations of sexual harrassment.