Hefty price tag for man overseeing potential changes to beer sales in Ontario

We are getting word this morning the man hired by Doug Ford to oversee an overhaul of the way we sell booze in the province will make a thousand dollars a day in the job.

The premier was also put on the hot seat at a recent event in Cambridge when he was asked about his plan to put more beer and wine in corner stores.

The move may cost the province millions if the government has to pay to get out of its deal with the Beer Store to allow for expanded sales of suds.

But when asked what it will cost to get out of the contract the Premier deflected.

"Three big manufacturers of beer that own it [The Beer Store], from foreign countries. I just want to give the folks out in Ontario the same opportunity that you see in all 50 states and across Ontario to go and buy a beer in the corner store."

There is speculation that getting out of the Beer Store deal could cost as much as 100 million dollars.