Horrific death of a Niagara man being held at Thorold jail will be investigated in inquest

Seven years after the horrific death of a Niagara man who was being held at the Niagara Detention Centre, an inquest will be held.

The Coroner has announced that an inquest will be held in the death of 46 year old Kelvin Sawa, who was living in Port Colborne at the time of his arrest.

Sawa was arrested after being accused of inappropriate sexual acts with a teen boy with special needs.

He was taken to the jail in Thorold.

It's alleged that Sawa died after suffering a beating from inmates at the jail.

It's also alleged he was tortured and told to hang himself by fellow inmates.

Guards found Sawa and he was taken to hospital where he died in August of 2011.

An autopsy found the cause of death was multiple organ failure due to hanging.

Two inmates were charged and convicted of manslaughter in the death.

The inquest will examine the circumstances surrounding Sawa's death and the jury may make recommendations aimed at preventing similar deaths.

The inquest is expected to last five days and hear from approximately 12 witnesses.

The inquest will begin Monday, September 24th at the Welland Courthouse.