Hundreds sign petition to move 'illegal barricade' at Short Hills Provincial Park

An online petition to remove a barricade at Short Hills Provincial Park has garnered more than 1,300 signatures.

The petition on by the Supporters of Haudenosaunee Right to Hunt calls on police to move what they call 'an illegal barricade' preventing hunters from accessing the park.

This comes as hunters are taking part in the annual, and controversial, deer hunt protected under treaty agreements.

Every year protesters gather at the park to voice their opposition to the methods used during the hunt, or to hunting in general.

Officials with the Indigenous rights group say while they are held up at the barricade, protesters shine flashflights in the faces, record licence plates, and yell out various insults.

The petition asks the police to move the protesters to the side of the road, allowing them to still be seen and heard, while giving hunters access to the park.