I froze my brain in Canada parody goes viral

It's been bitterly cold in Manitoba and one musical duo has decided what can you do except sing about it?

Part-time musician Rob Thiessen from Oak Lake, Manitoba, and his brother-in-law Joe Kaonga  have released a music video parody of the '80s song ``Africa'' by American band Toto.

The new version already has 171,000 views on Thiessen's Facebook page.

Kaonga, who is originally from Zambia, uses a Tim Hortons cup as a drum.

One of the key lines in the lyrics is: "I froze my brain up in Canada.''

The video includes the two men playing snow volleyball in their shirt sleeves, Thiessen sticking his tongue to a metal pole and him using jumper cables to jump-start his seemingly frozen brother-in-law.

Thiessen says the attention is fine but his real motivation is wanting to cheer up the general public.

He says he loves being Canadian and dealing with the cold is just part of what Canadians are all about.


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