IKEA building full size store in London, ON after pickup point proves successful

Ikea Canada has announced its opening a new store in London in the fall of 2019 after the success of a pickup and order point it operates in the city.
The flat-pack furniture retailer says it plans to begin construction on the 270,000-square-foot store in the southwestern Ontario city late next summer.
A smaller-scale Ikea shop and online order hub in London will be closed following the opening of the full-size store, which the retailer says will create 100 to 150 jobs.
Ikea Canada president Marsha Smith says online order hubs are one way the company tests a possible market opportunity.

St. Catharines has one of the pickup and order points as well, but there's no word if we will ever see a full size store built in the Niagara Region.

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