Injured Hamilton man stuck in Costa Rica

A Hamilton man is stuck in Costa Rica because there is no hospital bed for him here.

David Ronald and his wife Kristen were visting a friend in the Costa Rican jungle earlier this month, when David fell and broke his pelvis, back and arm.

He was rushed to hospital and had surgery to repair the breaks.

Their insurance company then told them David would have to stay in Costa Rica because they couldn't find an available bed in an ICU at any Hamilton area hospitals.

The province, however, disputes the claim saying they aren't sure if the insurer contacted all hospitals in the region.

NDP leader Andrea Horvath held a media conference yesterday to bring attention to the couple's plight.

Horvath says "Imagine being hurt, and stuck in a foreign country. You want to come home, to get care in the hospital you know and trust. But you're turned away because the hospitals are so crowded there's no room for you. That's absolutely not the kind of health care system people in Hamilton, and throughout this great province, deserve. These cuts that have been going on for years have to stop."

Health MInister Eric Hoskins responding to the Ronald's plight saying "What is important now is that we make the full service of Ontario's health care system completely available to this family."