It seems Niagarans like our two tier government system

CKTB-News- Regional survey governance

Regional councillors are being told the majority of residents believe Niagara is well served by a two tier government.

During yesterday's Committee of the Whole, councillors unveiled the results of a survey with 76% of respondents saying the region is 'very well served' or 'somewhat well served' by the current model of municipal governance.

However, residents did also suggest some services could be improved by a partial or total amalgamation.

Niagara-On-The-Lake Regional Councillor Gary Zalepa says residents want greater governance but believe city and town councillors are still the best when it comes to making planning decisions in their given communities.

Politicians in Ontario regions with two tier governments, such as Niagara, are still waiting for the provincial government to make a decision about the future makeup of local government, which may include some form of amalgamation.