Jim Bradley's gracious goodbye after 41 years serving St. Catharines

Jim Bradley is thanking the people of St.Catharines with a gracious goodbye.

The MPP who lost his Liberal seat in Thursday's election after serving the people of St.Catharines for over 40 years is thanking constituents for their loyalty.

Had he been elected, he was set to become Ontario's longest serving MPP. He holds the title as second longest serving provincial politician.

Bradley lost his seat to St.Catharines city councillor Jennie Stevens who ran for the NDP.

Stevens receiving 36% of the vote, PC candidate Sandie Bellows with 33%, and Bradley with 24%.

Bradley was very prepared to lose his seat given the polls showing how unpopular the Liberal Party was performing with voters.

He says even when campaigning people told him they were voting for change, they still thanked him for his service.

Bradley says he will spend today cleaning up his offices and preparing for his new life.

He says he is grateful and it's a rare opportunity to serve as MPP for such a long period of time.

Bradley says he's seen a lot of changes in his time at Queen's Park but yet a lot that has stayed the same.

He really appreciated the chance to serve as Environment Minister from 1985 to 1990 when he led the charge to solve the acid rain crisis and helped implement blue boxes.

Bradley also served as Transportation Minister and he is passionate about road safety.

Locally, seeing the new hospital in St.Catharines and the Performing Arts Centre being built were highlights for him.

He says the real legacy is helping the average person in St.Catharines and his secret to success was hiring the right, compassionate front-line staff in his local offices.

So what's next for the 73 year old?  

Bradley says he is a big sports fan and he's looking forward to watching Blue Jays games, and read a novel instead of bills.

He says residents will probably see him at the Performing Arts Centre or at a local sports game.

We asked if he would consider running for the Regional Chair's position, he answered that he had no plans as of yet.