Judge to give final instructions in murder trial of Millard and Smich

The judge overseeing the trial of two men accused of killing a 23 year old Toronto woman is expected to give final instructions to the jury today.

Dellen Millard and Mark Smich, both serving time in the slaying of Tim Bosma of Ancaster, have pleaded not guilty to first degree murder in the death of Laura Babcock.

Yesterday, in its closing address the Crown says there is a mountain of circumstantial evidence to prove the two men killed the victim on July 3rd, 2012 then disposed of her body in an incinerator on Millard's farm near Waterloo.

Smich's lawyer also delivered his closing remarks, saying all the evidence the Crown has to point to his client's guilt is a rap song Smich sang about killing a girl and burning her body.

Millard, who is representing himself, told the jury Tuesday, that several witnesses testified they saw or heard from Babcock after July 4th, 2012.