KO for Kids unveil fight card

Community members are training hard to step into the ring in support of children's mental health and children's cancer research.

Organizers for KO for Kids are counting down the days until the April 12th boxing extravaganza at Scotiabank Convention Centre in support of Pathstone Mental Health, Ronald McDonald House Canada South Central Ontario, and Stem Cell Research at McMaster Children's Hpspital.

The event features 21 boxing matches with some competitors stepping into the ring for the very first time after undergoing rigorous training.

The matchups have been announced.

Match #1
Graham Hills v. Brett Wales

Match #2
Maria Fuccillo v. Kristyn Davies

Match #3
Rachel Dagenais v. Nina Wilson

Match #4
Maria Leone-Belli v. Rebecca Read

Match #5
Kaitlyn Allan v. Rebecca Galbraith

Match #6
Jasmyne Orescanin v. Jessika Schooley

Match #7
 Alexandra Munavish v. Ryan Carolyn

Match #8
Aitken Andrew Aitken v. Wayne Fargnoli

Match #9
Lacey Peter Lacey v. Jonathan Pietrangelo

Match #10
Stefan Olk v. Aaron Pritchard

Match #11
Bobby Beaupit v. Roland Giguere

Match #12
(Vacant) v. David Gustyn

Match #13
Mike Richards v. Ryan Mine

Match #14
Jared Dawson v. John Burd

Match #15
Craig Martino v. Zack Tieseen

Match #16
David Hutt v. Joe Murray

Match #17
Brandon Ross v. Mike Duncan

Match #18
Aniko Bzdyl v. Jacquie Millen

Match #19
Jeremy Gretzinger v. Daniel Greenough

Match #20
(Vacant) v. Holly Ashford

Match #21 - MAIN EVENT
(Vacant) v. Tony Felice