Labour organization announces boycott in Niagara Falls

The Ontario Federation of Labour has declared an official boycott of Canadian Niagara Hotels.

This comes as workers at the Rainforest Cafe have been striking since early last month, demanding better wages and protections against sexual harassment.

Workers have been looking for their first collective agreement for over a year.

President of the Ontario Federation of Labour Chris Buckley says no labour organization will engage in business or buy products from Canadian Niagara Hotels until the company sits down to bargain.

"Ontario unions and their members routinely frequent CNH facilities for conferences, conventions, meetings and to attend functions. A boycott is called only in very serious circumstances and must not be taken lightly by CNH. It is sure to damage the reputations of these hotels within the labour community and result in a substantial financial penalty in lost revenue to Canadian Niagara Hotels. To get its business back on track, CNH must bargain a collective agreement with its employees," Buckley says.

Canadian Niagara Hotels recently made headlines after a pair of tourists from the UK claimed they were kicked out from a hotel after standing with striking employees.

Canadian Niagara Hotels operates several hotels in Niagara Falls including the Crowne Plaza Hotel, and Sheraton on the Falls Hotel as well as other attractions including the Rainforest Cafe and the Hard Rock Cafe.