LCHS Executive Director speaks out over online petition

The executive director of the Lincoln County Humane Society has found himself on the wrong end of an online petition.

A petition has gained traction after all charges against a controversial St. Catharines vet, Mahavir Rekhi, were dropped.

The petition calls not only for the case to be re-examined, but also for the removal of LCHS Executive Director Kevin Strooband.

Last week the court heard that since the OSPCA went to the College of Vets for information before receiving a formal complaint, Rekhi is protected by the Charter.

Strooband understands the outrage, but says many people are signing this petition without realizing there are two parts to it.

"I'm not telling people not to put up any petition they like, but at least separate them so that your intent and the one that maybe the Attorney General can do something about is clear."

Strooband also says he approached a crown attorney early on.

"I sat down with a crown attorney several months ago - a different crown - and he told me 'good investigation.' Those are the only two words he said when I sat down with him."

From this point, Strooband says there is little more the LCHS can do, but encourages the public to continue making their voice heard.

"We have a duty as officers to enforce the law, to just simply lay the charges, gather the evidence, turn it over to the crown, and our job is done. So in this case it is over - we cannot proceed any further. Our authority is complete. However that is why we have told people to call the Ministry of the Attorney General because that's who we answer to , that's who the crown answers to. So that's where this situation has to end up."