LCHS helps Topper Motel residents

The Lincoln County Humane Society is trying to help the residents of Topper Motel as they face homelessness.

Residents at the motel were given one month's notice to vacate the property. With August 31st looming, many people are left in a bind as they juggle searching for accommodation and taking care of their furry friends.

To help alleviate some of that stress the LCHS is offering temporary housing and care for the pets.

Executive Director of the Lincoln County Humane Society Kevin Strooband says "The public can certainly help us because we are not going to be charging these people. As I understand there aren't a lot of resrouces in this situation, so we're going to do the right thing for these animals and absorb those costs."

Although the LCHS is not looking for foster care, if the public does want to help they can donate funds or cat litter to help offset the cost.

The first two cats, Amigo and Bella, have already arrived.