LCHS officials say they receive daily calls for animals in hot cars

It's hard to believe at this point, but there are still plenty of people leaving animals in hot cars.

The heat wave continues in Niagara and Executive Director of the Lincoln County Humane Society Kevin Strooband says people still aren't getting the message.

"We're still getting calls every day. Maybe one, maybe two, but every day there's a call."

This comes after a dog was rescued from a car parked at a plaza in Burlington over the weekend. By the time Halton Regional Police could get the pup out, the temperature inside the car had reportedly reached 66 degrees.

The owner now faces $500 worth of fines. 

Strooband says they are getting through to some people, but not everyone.

"It can't go on like this. What does it take? A dog's going to be lost, or we have to take a dog away, or higher fines? I really don't know what the answer is. You think 'education before enforcement' but it seems we're done with that now. Now it's enforcement."

Strooband also says although people are very passionate about this issue, they tend to encourage anyone who believes they have found an animal left alone in a hot car to call the LCHS or the police to handle the situation instead of simply breaking the window right away.