LCHS suspects rat poison placed in park maliciously

The Lincoln County Humane Society is speaking out after rat poison was found scattered in a St. Catharines park.

LCHS received numerous calls that brought them to Alex MacKenzie Park on Beech Street.

Executive Director Kevin Strooband says officers attended and found what they assume is rat poison in a small area of the park.

He says they have heard talk from people in the area and there were suggestions that dogs had been sick as a result, but they don't have any evidence to back that up yet.

Strooband says they've also received calls about Linlake Park.

In an interview with CKTB's Matt Holmes, Strooband says he can't think of a reason why someone would be putting rat poison in the park other than to harm dogs.

Alex MacKenzie Park, though not a dog park, is a popular place where people take their animals because it is largely fenced in.

While the investigation continues, they ask that you keep an eye on your pets and keep them leashed.

If you have any information, you are asked to contact the shelter directly.