Legal pot appealing to first-timers and baby boomers

Employees of legal pot shops across Canada say a significant number of their customers have never tried weed before, or at least haven't done it in decades.   

Cindi Phelps, manager of Tamarack Cannabis Boutique in Kimberley, B-C, says about 15 to 20 per cent of her customers fall into this category and most are baby boomers.  

She says these customers have had their family, now they're retired and they'd like to try marijuana again, especially now that it's legal.   

Staff say Toronto's first licensed cannabis store The Hunny Pot has also seen a huge influx of first-time consumers, including locals and tourists.   

Communications officer Cameron Brown says staff try to educate them on the different strains and levels of T-H-C, the psychoactive ingredient.  

Statistics Canada also appears to show a considerable number of Canadians are lighting up for the first time.  

Nearly 14 per cent of cannabis users surveyed from mid-November to mid-December had just begun using weed within the previous three months.