Legal weed and re-assignments creating backups on our border bridges

CKTB- News- Customs

If you've travelled into the U-S via one of Niagara's international bridges this summer you may have been stuck in a long line of traffic.

According to reports the backups are being caused in part by the re-assignment of some Buffalo area customs personel to the southern border.

Custom's chief officer for field operations for Buffalo,  Aaron Bowker tells the Buffalo News, while they have been staffing up during the weekends and holidays it's led to fewer officers available to work weekdays.

But he also notes the longer lines can also be blamed, in part, on legal pot in Canada.

He says since it was legalized there has been a dramatic increase in seizures at all New York State border crossings which has forced personel to be shifted from inspection to enforcement.

What the Department of Homeland Security will do to fix the problem is unknown.

DHS missed an August 1st deadline set by Congress,  to explain the impact of the re-assignments and how long officers will be away from the northern border.