Liberal Party's first attack on Oosterhoff

The gloves are off in the campaign for the by-election in Niagara West-Glanbrook.

The Liberal Party of Ontario sent out a news release this afternoon slamming the 19 year old P-C Candidate Sam Oosterhoff.

The release says PC Leader Patrick Brown and Oosterhoff are misleading voters.

It points to a recent interview Oosterhoff had with Niagara This Week.

The 19 year old Brock University student stated he has never mentioned sex-ed as an issue and distanced himself for pro-life protestors at the PC nomiantion meeting.

The Liberal Party points to a Facebook post from 2012 in which Oosterhoof is trying to collect signatures for pro-life petitions.

The Liberals say this is the same thing that happened a few months ago in the previous by-election where Patrick Brown and his candidate misled voters in Scarborough Rouge-River where they had two positions on the sex-ed curriculum. 

They say Patrick Brown and Sam Oosterhoff can't have it both ways and residents of Niagara-West Glanbrook deserve to know what their candidate and his leader actually believe.

Also running in the riding is Vicky Ringuette for the Liberals, Donna Cridland for the Green Party, and Mike Thomas for the NDP. 

The by-election will be held November 17th.

CKTB has reached out to Oosterhoof for an interview.

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