Lincoln Mayor would like vote of Regional Chair to be a public one

Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton would like to see the vote for the next regional chair be made public. 

If two more candidates run for chair, the past practice of council has been to do a run-off election and the council's procedural bylaw stipulates that the vote for Regional Chair "shall" be a secret vote.  

The Municipal Act allows for the option of a secret or open ballot process. 

Speaking to CKTB Easton said she doesn't see any harm in making the vote public.   "It should be a public vote, there is a lot of analysis that goes into selecting who you choose, so I don't know what the harm is in telling people what you voted. You don't want to squander your vote, you want to make sure it's the right person who will be doing the right thing." 

Easton admits the process for choosing the chair is not a satisfactory process adding it should have been a vote done at large. 

The first order of business for the new council , which will be sworn in December 6th, is to select a new chair.