LCHS captures 14 foot long python in Thorold


Officials with the Lincoln County Humane Society certainly had their hands full after reports of a 14 foot long snake on the loose in Thorold.

Officers found the 80 lbs reticulated python in the Industrial Drive and Ormond Street South area.

Paul Liddiard works at DF Brown Roofing and had gone back to lock up for the night when he turned around and saw the giant snake.


He called police, and they arrived with the Humane Society and reptile experts in order to round up the reptile

Lincoln County Executive Director Kevin Strooband says no one has stepped forward to claim the python, but an investigation is underway and the LCHS will hold on to it until they find it a new home.

To listen to Strooband's full interview on 610CKTB, click here. 

It is believed the snake is 10-15 years old.

Thorold passed a by-law in the summer of 2017 banning exotic pets, including adult snakes that are more 9.8 feet (3 metres) long.