Niagara College teachers strike vote set for tomorrow

College teachers across the province will decide tomorrow whether to give their union a strike mandate.

OPSEU is asking teachers to vote yes to a strike saying the college's most recent contract offer which it says includes no concessions.

In a letter to faculty, Niagara College President Dan Patterson says colleges have tabled an offer that includes a 7.5 percent pay increase and a new maximum salary of $115,000 dollars.

He says the offer will remain in place until September 29th.

OPSEU has responded to Patterson's email saying the issue is the continued reliance by college's on part time faculty, who have no job security.

The union noting the percentage of full-time faculty has dropped from 30 percent to 17.5 percent over the past three years.

The union also fears full time job cuts, in the wake of the equal pay for equal work legislation being proposed by the province, for part time workers.

OPSEU says inorder to meet the financial challenge of having to pay part time workers more,  college's are preparing to cut 1,400 full time positions.