Niagara EMS expresses frustration over Ford government's proposed changes

Chief of Niagara EMS Kevin Smith says he is still waiting for more details on the PC's plan to merge ambulance dispatch services.

In the budget delivered by Doug Ford over a week ago, the government says it plans to streamline the way land ambulance dispatch services are delivered by integrating the 59 emergency health services operators and 22 dispatch centres.

The Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs (OAPC) met with the province as recently as two weeks ago, and Chief Smith says they were totally caught off guard by the PC's proposed changes.

He describes the lack of consolation as "frustrating".

Premier Doug Ford said Tuesday that whatever happens, the service will not go down and he guaranteed that Ontario will retain the same number of paramedics.

Ford said nothing is set in stone, but he wants to look for ways to increase service while saving taxpayers money.