PC candidate clarifies conflicting tweets

April Jeffs - the PC candidate for the upcoming provincial election for the riding of Niagara Centre - trying to clarify some conflicting tweets she made about the Patrick Brown sexual misconduct allegations 

When the story first broke, Jeff's tweeted out support for the women who came forward.  

She's since tweeted support for Brown saying what happened to him wasn't right and linked a National Post story where Brown defends himself. 

Speaking to CKTB's Lee Sterry, Jeff's was asked about the conflicting tweets. 

"We don't tolerate any kind of abuse or misconduct in society but we also don't destroy somebody's life and family and reputation so, so this was about the due process and that was what the tweet was about, like the lack of due process." 

She admits it may not have come across that way but again reiterated  "the tweet was about, just that it wasn't fair and I think that's where we should have put in the fact  about the due process and that was the meaning behind it".