Region paid for flyer upsets Port Colborne Council

Port Colborne Mayor John Maloney is taking issue with a flyer sent out last week by Port Colborne Regional Councillor Dave Barrick.

The flyer comparing the city's tax and water rates to those at the regional level and highlighting Barrick's own accomplishments. 

The Region has a corporate resource policy that states no person, including staff, candidate or registered third party may print or distribute election campaign materials using Regional funds.

However, they define campaign materials as those materials that promote or oppose the candidacy of a person for elected office.

Maloney, notes Barrick has not yet filed for re-election. 

Speaking to CKTB's Tim Denis show Maloney said "I'm concerned about the material that puts Port Colborne in a poor light, he's a clever fellow and he certainly crossed the line in my estimation but he's come very close to it this time and we are the negative benefactors of this" 

The flyers were paid for by Barrick's expense account at the Region, meaning taxpayers paid for it.