Sam Oosterhoff throwing support behind Elliott

The youngest MPP in Ontario is speaking out on who he wants to lead his party.

20 year old Sam Oosterhoff, the PC MPP for Niagara-West Glanbrook telling CKTB he endorses Christine Elliott.

Oosterhoff says he believes that Elliott is the leadership candidate who is best positioned to lead the PC team to victory against the Kathleen Wynne Liberals and to act as Premier of Ontario.

We asked if the recent controversy concerning Patrick Brown and Rick Dykstra will impact the Niagara vote for the PC's, he replied saying that support is strong and over the last few weeks donations to the party are up, and law sign requests are flooding in.

Oosterhoff says PC support is at an all time high.

Elliott is the only leadership who has not visited Niagara so far.

Today, Caroline Mulroney visited St.Catharines and hosted a lunch at Johnny Rocco's.

Last night, Doug Ford hosted a rally at Welland's legion.