LOCKOUT: Board says they did not withhold teachers' pay

Outrage and allegations today from some Niagara Catholic Elementary teachers who say they did not receive proper paychecks.

We started receiving messages this morning from teachers, who are currently part of a region-wide lockout who say they didn't receive an accurate pay for work done prior to the lockout.

The board locked out teachers on Monday following marathon bargaining sessions which ended in an impasse.

CKTB reached out to the Niagara Catholic School Board to clarify.

They told us permanent elementary teachers were paid their regular bi-weekly pay, minus the three lockout days, calculated at their daily rate of pay.

So according to the Board, no they did not withhold pay for days worked prior to the lockout.

Over 850 teachers are impacted by the lockout.

Teachers are not paid by the board during the labour disruption, but they can receive $75/day from their union for walking the picket lines.