Long list of short term rentals in Niagara-On-The-Lake could lose licenses

Around 50 short-term rental locations in Niagara-On-The-Lake could lose their licenses.

During Committee of the Whole, councillors received a list of 30 rentals who have not paid licensing fees, 23 locations that have not presented an up to date insurance certificate, and 3 places that have not submitted renewal applications.

Councillor Gary Burroughs questioned how the owners had been contacted, pushing for human interaction.

"I believe there should be extra effort made because cancelling their license can be their livelihood."

Town staff noted they have reached out to the rental owners through emails and phone calls since October.

Councillor John Wiens cautioned the town against 'holding their hand' if emails and calls are unanswered.

Councillor Norm Arsenault agreed with that sentiment.

"To start knocking on doors, I think that sets a terrible precedent. You can't start doing that with businesses, I think that's absurd in my opinion. These businesses have to take responsibility. If this is their livelihood then step up."