Man dies in St. Catharines hospital days after tragic vacation mishap

The family of a London man who died in a St. Catharines hospital after a tragic fall in Mexico is demanding an apology from the province.

According to a release from London MPP Peggy Sattler, Stuart Cline waited five days in a Mexicon hospital with a brain bleed after taking  a serious fall while on vacation.

The family and his insurance company were told there were no beds in Ontario available to treat Cline.

Sattler says despite assurances from the Health Minister that her ministry was fully engaged in coordinating Stuart's return , niether the minister nor her staff made one phone call to the family throughout the ordeal.

His son David says Mexican doctors cleared his father for travel on February 24th, but it wasn't until March 1st, he was flown to a St. Catharines hospital where he died two days later.

Last month a Hamilton family ended up in the same situation.

David Ronald fell and broke his back while on vacation in Costa Rica.

His insurance company said they couldn't find a hospital bed for him in Ontario.

Over a week later, Ronald was finally airlifted home to recuperate in a Hamilton hospital.