Man who left partner after buying winning lotto ticket to get half of prize:OLG

An Ontario man who left his common-law partner after buying a winning lottery ticket has been awarded half the roughly $6 million jackpot while the rest of the prize remains in legal limbo.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. has ruled on the dispute, saying it confirmed Maurice Thibeault purchased the ticket in the Sept. 20 draw and will pay him half the winnings around the end of the month.

The agency says it will hold on to the other half for 45 days, during which Thibeault and his ex-girlfriend Denise Robertson, who argues she's owed half the winnings, can still settle the matter privately or decide to take part in the OLG's arbitration process.

After that, however, it says the money will be turned over to the courts to rule on.

Thibeault's lawyer could not immediately be reached for comment. Robertson's lawyer, meanwhile, says she is weighing her next steps.

Steve Pickard says his client feels the OLG's decision puts her in an unfair position because she'll have to rely on her own resources to fight for the other half of the winnings while Thibeault will have access to millions of dollars from his payout.