Man who secretly taped mayor says it's time for the truth at the NPCA

Welland's mayor is trying to clarify his opinion after a private conversation about the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority was leaked online.

The conversation was between Mayor Frank Campion, who sits on the NPCA Board and former federal Green Party candidate and activist David Clow.

In the conversation Campion says he would 'love to get off the board' but the mayor says that comment lacks context.

He says they are too far in the game to actually resign but admits the idea has crossed his mind.

Campion also stated he supports the idea of an OPP investigation into the N-P-C-A.

When talking to CKTB's Tim Denis, Campion admits that he supports the investigation although he believes they have 'done nothing wrong.

To hear the full interview with Mayor Campion, click here.

The man who sat down with the Mayor and secretly taped him, David Clow tells CKTB he's not worried about any legal action and he is only doing this in the name of transparency.

Clow says he scheduled a meeting with the Mayor to discuss the controversial board and find out where he stands.

Clow says the Mayor is now back pedalling on comments made on the tape.

He says the Mayor's position on the NPCA is no longer valid and he's just trying to save his job as Mayor.

Clow is friends with Ed Smith who is involved in a lawsuit with the NPCA.

Clow says he can't stand by and watch his friends be bullied by board members and it's time for this nonsense to stop.

He says they only want transparency and the truth.

He is asking that residents take time to sign a petition calling for a forensic audit on the Authority.

To see the petition, click here.