Many Canadians say they face challenges adopting new Food Guide

Canada's new Food Guide is proving to be tough for many Canadians to swallow.

Senior Director at Dalhousie University's Agrifood Analytics Lab Sylvain Charlebois led research into the updated guide released in January, finding that 52% of Canadians say they face barriers in adopting the new Guide.

The research finds that although, on average, a family of four could save 6.8% on their annual grocery bill, more than 25% of the people surveyed believed the recommendations were not affordable.

The expected saving come from the Guide's recommendation to do more cooking at home, but respondents cited a lack of free time as one of their challenges.

Participants also said the new Guide, which pushes a mainly plant based diet, did not align with their taste preferences.

Charlebois also notes that as the demand for fruits and veggies increases, prices could rise.