Mayor of Steel City comments on U.S tariffs hoping saner heads will prevail

The Mayor of Hamilton commenting on a trade war brewing between the U.S and Canada centred on steel.

We found out today that trade exemptions for Canada, Mexico and Europe from import duties of 25 per cent on steel and 10 per cent on aluminium will expire as of midnight, as scheduled.

Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger says he is disappointed and dismayed saying this is a detrimental turning point in the Canada and USA relationship, with the potential for significant negative implications not only here, but in the USA, Mexico and the EU.

He says it is difficult to determine how it will affect the area's 9,000 steel manufacturing and production employees.

Eisenberger says Canada’s closest ally is the United States and he's still hopeful that saner heads will prevail.

He is applauded the Federal Government on it's swift and forceful reaction.

Canada fired back stating it would impose its own tariffs on U.S goods.

Starting on July 1st, Canada will levy tariff counter-measures on U-S imports of steel, aluminium and other products ranging from playing cards to pens.