McGuire payout part of NRP deficit

A report this morning in the St. Catharines Standard says part of the reason Niagara's police service is facing a $7 million shortfall this year, is due to the golden handshake given to former Chief Jeff McGuire.

The report cites a memo sent to the region's corporate services committee, written by acting commissioner Jason Burgess that says McGuire's $870,000 payout was taken out of last year's operating budget although part of it was made in January of this year.

McGuire also received a computer, a cellphone and a car as part of the deal that saw him take an early retirement.

When details of the former Chief's package were made public, McGuire made it clear he was willing to fulfill his contract and serve another three years in the post but he added the police board made him an offer he could not refuse.

To deal with the $7 million deficit the board is dipping into reserve funds and will ask the region to come up with the remaining $2 million.