Meetings being held at Brock over controversial teacher

Several meetings were held at Brock University regarding the controversial return of teacher David Schimmelpennick.

Schimmelpenninck will return to the classroom this Thursday after being found guilty three years ago in an internal University investigation into sexual misconduct against a female student in 2014.

He's been out of the classroom since the investigations' findings, and he's told the CBC he's sought help for alcohol addiction.

His return comes after a decision last month from a labour arbitrator who found Schimmelpenninck should be allowed back in the classroom.

Brock has set out a number of conditions for Schimmelpenninck's return to teaching.

This morning at 11am a group of concerned faculty members met to discuss their thoughts.

Also today at 1pm the Brock Student Justice Centre in collaboration with Brock's Ontario Public Interest Research Group held a meeting for students to discuss responses to Schimmelpennick's return.

A representative will join CKTB's Larry Fedoruk today at 4:15pm.