Messages of hope posted on Burgoyne Bridge

Following the tragic death of a 19 year old man, a push is on to leave messages of hope and love on Niagara's bridges.

Last Thursday Tanner Unger's family lost everything in a fire. Close family friend Terry Piedmonte tells CKTB News following the blaze, Tanner was taken to hospital on suicide watch and then released.

He then went to the Burgoyne Bridge where he died by suicide.

Wendi Duggan has started a campaign dubbed 'Bridges of Hope'

"Maybe if we could post some notes up there it might stop the next person or, you know, give someone hope as they walk by."

Duggan says nobody should feel hopeless at 19, and if that's the way people in the region feel then it's time for change.

A Go Fund me account has also been set up to help Tanner's family.