Mistakes were made: Sam Oosterhoff comments on police being called on reading seniors

Mistakes were made and we can do better.

That's the word from Sam Oosterhoff, who is speaking out after police were called to a protest at his office.

A group of seniors gathered at the PC MPP's office yesterday for a 'read in' protest, calling for the government to restore funding which was slashed in the latest provincial budget.

The protesters brought books with them to read at the office.

The group was told to leave by staff members at the consistency office, and eventually Niagara Regional Police were called.

Oosterhoff, who is the youngest MPP in Ontario, tells CKTB the situation could have been handled better and he will be reviewing the situation.

The MPP says he takes full responsibility of what happened even though he was in Toronto at the time.

He says the group was asked to leave because there were confidential case files on staff members desks.

Oosterhoff says an altercation broke out when a protestor started videotaping a staff member.

He said the staff member was worried that information could be seen on-camera.

He says he will be meeting with staff to review what happened and look at putting protocols in place if this happens again.