More controversy at the Niagara Region regarding CAO hiring process

Another damning report in the St. Catharines Standard regarding the Region's CAO hiring process. 

In a report penned by Grant LaFleche mulitple sources have confirmed that CAO Carmen D'Angelo told regional councillors in a closed session held on July 26th  that he received help from the office of Regional Chair Alan Caslin in 2016 to improve his candidacy for the position. 

The newspaper is reporting D'Angelo attributed Caslin's former personal communications director Jason Tamming as the one he sought and received assistance from. 

Earlier reports done by the paper have indicated that D'Angelo received a number of communications from two staffers that worked in Caslin's office. 

During yesterday's roundtable on Niagara in the Morning CKTB asked Chair Alan Caslin about those published reports.  "I don't read that newspaper, I'm sorry" 

Caslin did confirm that during that closed session held on July 26th, Councillors were given a chance to address concerns with the CAO and that all their questions were answered.