MPP Oosterhoff says NDP's actions were childish, says door is not closed on Niagara Chair election

The lone PC MPP in Niagara is speaking out following a chaotic session of Queen's Park.

The Opposition NDP staged a protest as Premier Doug Ford and the PC government pushed ahead with plans to use the notwithstanding clause yesterday to reintroduce a bill that cuts Toronto city council in half and cancels the election of Niagara's Regional Chair.

Earlier this week a judge ruled the bill was unconstitutional.

Members of the NDP were escorted out of the legislature after they staged a protest, banging on their desks and shouting over the Minister of Municipal Affairs.

PC MPP Sam Oosterhoff says it's been very interesting over the last few days and he hasn't seen this level on enthusiasm for democracy ever.

He calls the NDP actions childish, but says it's all part of the beauty of democracy for MPP's to express their opinions.

When asked about allegations from NDP MPP Wayne Gates that Oosterhoff was taking pictures of him in Queen's Park he didn't respond.

He says if Gates wants to fight to keep politicians employed in Toronto that's his right referring to Bill 5.

When asked about the government using the notwithstanding clause for the first time in Ontario's history, Oosterhoof says it's a historic moment and the clause is there for a reason.

He says it's so important that the government gets this bill passed before the municipal election so the PC's can ensure Toronto is not stuck in political gridlock.

He says the PC's wants to reduce the size and cost of government and that's what they are striving to do.

Oosterhoff says the PC's are trying to get back to good governance and they are not closing the doors on the election for Niagara's Chair in the future.

He says residents can still have their voices heard by talking to their elected regional councillors for who they want appointed to the Chair's position.

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