LANCO Shares Their Journey To 'Hallelujah Nights'

LANCO will release their debut album, Hallelujah Nights on Jan. 19.

You might know them from their No. 1 single "Greatest Love Story," but we're here to show you that this country band is so much more than one song. 

When lead singer Brandon Lancaster had the idea to start a band, the first soon-to-be bandmate he met was drummer Tripp Howell. They were each playing in different bands at the time, but as fate would have it, they ended up playing the same festival. The two figured out they would both be moving to Nashville around the same time.

Lancaster later got connected with lead guitarist Eric Steedly through a songwriter friend. The two had spoken on the phone, but never met in person. Steedly recalled: "One day I was playing at church, and he just walks up to me and is like, 'hey dude!'  And I was like, 'who are you?'"

They needed a couple more guys, so Steedly invited two of his friends along – bass guitar player Chandler Baldwin and keyboard player Jared Hampton. Hampton said he was invited under false pretenses. 

"I told one of them that I had a lap steel [guitar], and uhh I don't .. I told them that and hoped they would forget about it," he recalled. "Which they did for awhile, but then they caught on."

Lancaster immediately started booking the band shows. He was unsure how things would go based on previous experiences, yet they completely hit it off so naturally as friends, it turned into them just hanging out and bringing their instruments along.

Hampton recalled: "Being friends was one of the most important things we've had as a group."

Original article by Zack Massey at iHeartRadio