NDP stage unprecedented protest at Queens Park

An unprecedented protest took place in the Ontario Legislature this afternoon as the Conservative government moved forward with its plan to push through legislation to slash Toronto city council nearly in half.  

Opposition members pounded their desks in protest and were escorted out, one-by-one by the Sergeant at Arms.

NDP leader Andrea Horvath was the first to be kicked out, Niagara Falls MPP Wayne Gates also  among those booted out. 

Earlier in the day, protesters heckled Premier Doug Ford as he defended his decision to invoke a constitutional provision to support his bill to cut the number of council seats from 47 to 25.

No Tory MPP's broke ranks in the "free vote."

The Bill dubbed the Efficient Local Government Act  passed first reading 63-17.  

The Toronto municipal election is still scheduled for October 22. 

The deadline for nominations is now extended to two days after the "Efficient Local Government Act" receives Royal Assent. 

It's not clear when the bill will receive that, the ealiest possible date could be next week.