New Brunswick nurse suspected of inducing labour without consent

A class action has been filed against New Brunswick's largest health authority and an obstetrics nurse by pregnant women who believe the nurse improperly gave them a labour-inducing drug.  

Jayde Scott alleges she went into induced labour with her twins shortly after a saline solution I-V was hooked up and had to be rushed into an emergency c-section.  

She feels she was robbed of her first few moments with her girls.

She says it was traumatizing, and her heart goes out to any other mothers who have been affected.

The lawsuit alleges that the Moncton Hospital either knew or should have known the registered nurse allegedly added the drug Oxytocin to I-V saline bags for pregnant moms and could have done more to prevent it. 

The nurse was fired over the suspicions back in March.

RCMP are investigating as many as 120 emergency c- sections in this case.