New pool and hot tub bylaw making waves in NOTL


A new bylaw regarding pools and hot tubs is causing some waves in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Lord Mayor Betty Disero says the town updating its 1977 rules by enforcing a new, updated bylaw.

Disero says the town decided to make the new rules retroactive, which covers not only new pools and hot tubs but existing ones as well.

Disero says it is difficult for staff who are trying to make sure all property owners with pools and tubs are in compliance.

The new bylaw states you must have a lock on your hot tub when not in use, rules around fencing, and locks on your home windows and doors if there isn't fencing between the home and pool.

Disero says bylaw officers are stressed as they try to get the town's 1000 pools and tubs in compliance.

She says residents' reactions have been mixed with some saying the bylaw goes too far since the town has storm ponds open and unprotected.