New public health building for Niagara Falls

A new public health building is going up in Niagara Falls.

A brand new centre is being built at 7835 McLeod Road, across from the MacBain Community Centre, next to Lowes.

The 21,500 sq. ft. facility will be a mixed use development with Niagara Region Public Health as the anchor tenant, who has entered into a 30 year lease with property owner Villarboit.

Public Health has been serving the community out of its current location on Kitchener Street since June 21, 1967.

The 7,106 sq. ft. facility can only provide in-house client services for dental health, sexual health, and limited mental health services and has currently maximized existing space to make accommodations for Public Health inspectors, reconfigured desks to accommodate more staff, but has ultimately resorted to moving staff to other office locations.

The brand new facility will offer 21,500 sq. ft. of space, enabling the delivery of all programs and services currently offered at other sites throughout the region, fulfilling Niagara Region’s mandate to increase corporate focus on customer service, value for money, and doing business differently in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency of programs.

The new location will feature seven exam and seven counselling rooms, one large meeting room for parenting groups, workshops, and stakeholder meetings, two smaller meeting room spaces, and a proper reception area.

The new home of Public Health will accommodate at least 59 staff plus additional clinic staff as scheduled.