New St. Catharines bakery pledges to give away bread to less fortunate

A new bakery opening up in St. Catharines will be giving back to the community in a big way.

COBS Bread is an Australian based company and will open a St. Catharines location tomorrow on Fourth Ave.

Regional Director Karen Frost says part of their business model ensures nothing is wasted at the end of the day.

"Rather than discounting, we've actually identified certain organizations throughout the community to give back [to] at the end of the day."

Frost say some locations give away $900 - $1,200 worth of product per day to those less fortunate.

She recognizes some people may find the business strategy a little odd.

"It's something that our business model has really thrived on in the past. It sets us aside from our competitors as well. And why not?"

Community Care has been chosen as the local recipient of the daily donations.