Niagara benefiting from $2B commitment to protect steel, aluminium, and manufacturing jobs

The federal government is stepping in to help protect thousands of jobs in the steel, aluminium, and manufacturing business.

MP for Niagara Centre Vance Badawey was on hand for a $2 billion commitment from the Canadian government to defend jobs in the sector.

Recently, representatives from Welland's ASW Steel, Welded Tube and the IMT Group, owners of PC Forge in Port Colbrone and Welland Forge worked together to champion the cause.

"Simply put, we will not back down. We will always protect Canadian workers and Canadian interests," Badawey says via a release. "We are being proactive and constructive, for our national steel industry, and for local industry in Niagara. We’re protecting producers from unfair, unacceptable trade practices, we’re working directly with stakeholders, and we’re supporting innovation and diversification in steel and steel-related industries to enhance a sustainable environment and strengthen our nations’s global trade performance."