Niagara Catholic School Board grad rates rank high in Ontario

The Niagara Catholic Board has the second highest graduation rate across the province in English-speaking school boards.

The Ontario Ministry of Education has released the 2016 graduation rates for all publicly funded high schools in Ontario.

For the third, consecutive year, Niagara Catholic’s graduation rates placed second out of the 57 English speaking school Boards in the Province of Ontario.

For the third year in a row, Niagara Catholic’s graduation rates continued to increase, this time, by nearly a full percentage point, to 92.1 per cent for students graduating in four years, and to 94 per cent for students who took five years to graduate.

This once again places Niagara Catholic second in the province among Ontario’s 57 publicly funded English-language school boards for four-year graduation rates, and tied for third among all 72 publicly funded school boards in Ontario in five-year graduation rates.

Niagara Catholic’s four-year rate is 12.5 per cent higher than the provincial average (79.6%) and 7.5 per cent higher than the provincial average (86.5%) for students who took five years to complete their Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma.

Board Chair Father Paul MacNeil said the results reflect the commitment Niagara Catholic has to student success from a student’s earliest years in school; a commitment that extends beyond the classroom.

“Once again this year, I am proud to comment on such outstanding graduation rates for Niagara Catholic,” said Chair MacNeil. “Parents, staff and our parish priests play a significant role in influencing students to strive for their personal bests. This outstanding result is a fantastic good news story, but is certainly no surprise to those of us who see first-hand the commitment to student success by all those involved in our Catholic schools.”