Niagara Centre MPP holds 'read-in' for seniors kicked out by Oosterhoff

Niagara Centre NDP MPP Jeff Burch hosted a read-in with members of Niagara book clubs at his office today.

Burch invited the members to his office today, and about 15 people showed up.

Earlier this week, Niagara West Progessive Conservative MPP Sam Oosterhoff came under fire after police were called to his office when members of book clubs members held a sit in to protest library cuts. 

For the most part, the participants were from the Waintfleet Public Library's Book Club.

The Wainfleet Book Club utilizes the interlibrary loan service in order to make sure each member of their club can have a copy of the same book.

When the Progessive Conservative government cut library funding, the Southern Ontario Library Service had to cancel the service.

In a conversation with CKTB's Larry Fedoruk, book club member Janet Hodgkins says the cut leaves the future of the club uncertain.