Niagara Children’s Centre helps 3 year old Aaron get on track to start school next year

At first it was difficult for Kate Wiley to find a diagnosis and treatment plan for her young son Aaron. 

He has a disorder that makes it difficult to use the left side of his body.

Kate first consulted family doctors a few years ago when she noticed her young son wasn’t using his left arm.

She was referred to neurologists with “unbelievably long” wait times.

That’s when Kate took her then 1 year old son to the Niagara Children’s Centre.

Very quickly, things got up and running. 

The therapist knew that Aaron would need a team approach and Aaron was assigned a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, and a social worker.

Kate says it was an “amazing experience”.

These days, Aaron's mom says he is “running like crazy", which a far cry from the walker he previously needed to get around.

Aaron is a Niagara Child Centre Ambassador for the ‘Help Kids Shine’ Campaign.

Their goal is to raise $150,000 in May so that children and families can continue to heal and thrive.

Every year over 5,500 children from across the region receive rehabilitation and support services from the Niagara Children’s Centre.

To donate go to or call the Niagara Children's Centre at 905-688-3550 x106.