Niagara Corporate Services Committee considers recommendations to Niagara Regional Housing

A report presented to Niagara Region's Corporate Service Committee recommends changes to the management at Niagara Regional Housing.

The proposed changes would see the NRH focus on managing the real estate side of things, while Niagara's community services division deals with housing programs.

The recommendations were met with mixed reaction, including from former board chair Paul Grenier who says it fails to address the main issue - a lack of affordable housing.

"The other part that we need to understand is that only 30% of the residents in our buildings are on OW (Ontario Works) or ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program). 70% of our people have some kind of income. We maintain social order. It's called affordable housing for a reason and we need to get it right."

The current wait list contains around 5,000 families.

Committee of the whole will consider the recommendations at a later date.